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Greek for foreigners

Study programmes for Greek
as a foreign language

``Prepare thorougly for the Greek language exams``

At Chranioti Educational Centers in Nea Smyrni and Ilioupoli, we offer comprehensive Greek language study programmes for foreigners. Students from many countries around the world participate in our programmes in order to learn or improve their speaking and writing skills.

At our Centers in Nea Smirni and Ilioupoli:

  • We work with specialised teaching staff, who have a university background and experience in teaching in a multicultural environment.
  • We offer a variety of study programmes that are adapted to the needs and requirements of each student individually.
  • We cover all language levels (from basic beginners’ level A1 to C2).
  • We use educational material edited by the literary team of our Centers.
  • We focus on the continuous practice of listening, writing and speaking using multimedia, language games, and exercises for the assimilation of vocabulary and grammar.
  • We evaluate each student’s progress with special learning forms.
  • We organise experiential events and educational excursions, in which students have the opportunity to get to know Greek culture, and practice – in real time – what they have been taught.
  • We get thoroughly prepared for the Greek language exams.



With the “Greek for Foreigners” programme by Chranioti Educational Centers our students acquire the necessary language skills and manage to shape their daily life more easily and quickly.

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