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Who we are

Chranioti educational & foreign languages centers
Nea Smirni & Ilioupoli

Our philosophy

We function not only as a place of education but also as a place of culture, aiming at providing our students with the best possible
learning experience.


Main points of focus:

• Team dynamics
• Personalised teaching methodology
• Faculty and student assessment on a regular basis

Our method

We use modern technological means, innovative educational methods, comprehensive, quality and personalised educational programmes, as well as continuous assessment of progress that strengthen the students’ interest in learning and launch them to the top of success.

Our results

Chranioti Educational Centers are synonymous with success. Throughout our 18-year course, our students have managed to become activated, evolved and be led to the top!

Our history

Chranioti Educational Centers in Ilioupoli and N. Smirni have been in the private education field for 18 years with consistency, responsibility, and love for children. We started this venture envisaging the creation of a school that always puts the student at the center and shows them the way to acquire knowledge in the most productive and enjoyable way.


• We are constantly implementing an innovative way of learning foreign languages and information technology from young to older ages.
• We provide substantial educational support in the daily study of children in primary and secondary school.
• We support the effort of children-parents with the help of the counseling psychologists of our Centers.

Our educators

…love to teach! The success of our Centers is due to the highly trained and qualified faculty, who have bachelor’s and master’s degrees, many years of experience, and continuous training and educational work. By implementing innovative study programmes, they work in a targeted manner for each student, individually deal with the child’s learning difficulties and show them the way to acquire essential knowledge.

Our foreign languages programmes

Learning a foreign language nowadays is a necessary resource for the personal and professional development
of an individual. Our Centers offer English and other European language classes for children and adults!


Learn Italian!

It is the language spoken by more than 130 million people around the world.


Learn Spanish!

Start wandering in a language that makes you dream, explore and get excited.


Learn Greek!

With our "Greek for Foreigners" program, the student acquires the necessary language skills in order to shape their everyday life more easily and quickly.