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Happy Times in English

Creative daycare in English
for children 2,5 – 6 years old

“What we learn with pleasure, we never forget!”

For more than two decades, Chranioti Educational Centers in Nea Smirni & Ilioupoli have been implementing the innovative “HAPPY TIMES IN ENGLISH” program for children aged 2.5 – 6 years, which has been awarded by the ELT Excellence Awards, and is based on the corresponding program of British Public Kindergartens (National Curriculum).


Children, in the presence of specialized educational staff, experientially develop their Linguistic, Mathematical, Artistic and Social abilities and skills, through a multitude of activities.


We are the first in Greece to obtain GSS Accreditation, prioritizing the cultivation of environmental consciousness in our students and making sure that all our building infrastructure as well as the materials we use in our programs are environmentally friendly.


Play is the defining feature of our development and its signature is apparent in the lives of the children who experience it.


In HAPPY TIMES IN ENGLISH the Lilliputian students begin their journey as members of a team, for which cooperation is a key ingredient. The thematic modules of the program include:

Experiential learning of the English language and culture (Learning by doing approach)

Learning through stories, songs, poems & role play and recognizing phonemes and words in a playful way (READ WRITE INC APPROACH).

music kinetics

Music-kinetic education

Where children explore rhythm, movement and music.


Psychomotor education

Which aims to develop the child’s kinesthesia, personality and initiative.


Theatrical & interactive game

In which children manage to cultivate both their imagination and their expressive ability.


“Cooking Attempts” – Kids’ Cooking Lab

In which children process ingredients correctly, practice their fine motor skills and of course develop communication and teamwork.


“Kids’ Tech”

Our young students come into contact with the sophisticated technological equipment of our school and discover the electronic world easily and with a smile.

Moomin – Finnish educational platform for vocabulary enhancement

Kide Science – Finnish STEAM educational programme that gives our students the opportunity to explore laws of nature

nursery library

Nursery Library

In our specially designed space, fairy tales, stories and book heroes come to life and lure children into a magical world!

arts n crafts

Art & Crafts

We discover our artistic nature, we build, we craft… we create!


Educational excursions

We become little explorers of nature and everything around us. We do experiments and discover the world together!


Preschool gymnastics

With yoga, rhythmic and tae kwon do classes, which help children calm down, control their bodies but also their thoughts.

We strengthen the social and emotional development of the child, always in combination with the English language.


  • Communication skills with native pronunciation and natural flow
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Sociability
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Respect for the environment
  • Critical and innovative Thinking

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