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Learn German!

Small student-oriented German classes for children.
teenagers & adults


The German language is the first mother tongue among the residents of the European Union and is a working language in the EU institutions. It is an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the German-speaking Community of Belgium, South Tyrol (Italy), Silesia (Poland) and the Vatican (Swiss Guard).

German economy is the pillar of the European Union. The European Central Bank is based in Frankfurt. Germany is the country with the most important exports in the world and the main trading partner of Greece.

German Universities are considered to be among the best in the world.


Chranioti Educational Centers in Nea Smirni and Ilioupoliis a byword for success in foreign languages Every year our students through the organized teaching-learning processes manage to develop, and be activated and led to the top. Joining a small student-oriented group, our students ignite their ambition through healthy competition and constantly increase their effort, following the overall pace of the class and 100% succeeding in obtaining their diplomas in German and foreign languages in general.


We are devotees of the theory that each child forms the “I” through the “you”, that is, through the dynamics of the group. For this reason, in our Centers in Nea Smirni and Ilioupoli we have small student-oriented German classes for children providing:


  • The most qualified and experienced team of teachers, with university and postgraduate degrees.
  • Native German teachers, who thoroughly prepare the team at every step to obtain their certificates.
  • Free supplementary teaching hours with our own supporting material, when this is deemed necessary.
  • Continuous quality control of our bibliography.
  • Use of visual aids and audio-visual materials for more effective learning.
  • Continuous assessment of each student individually.
  • Application of innovative and adapted teaching methods.


The educational system focuses on the needs of each student and places them at the center of the learning process, setting as their only goal their continuous development.



Teaching German at CHRANIOTI Educational Centers in Nea Smirni starts from within us, passing on our knowledge and culture to the next generation. Through our exemplary teaching, we offer the necessary resources that will support our student to develop professionally and establish their position in society. We provide comprehensive and modern study programmes, constantly reviewing and enriching our bibliography, we work on a personal level and provide our students with a unique learning experience. Native German teachers prepare children for proper Chinese pronunciation and vocabulary learning. German becomes a fun and interesting exploration for children and adults.


State Languages Certificate (KPG) A1-C1

Goethe Institut. A1-C2-KDS-GDS

OSD by the Austrian State

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