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Learn Italian!

Small student-oriented Italian classes for children
teenagers & adults


It is an official language of a European state, a language spoken not only in Italy but also an official language in Switzerland (along with German and French), Malta, San Marino and the Vatican, in administrative regions of Croatia and Slovenia, it was an official language until the middle of the 20th century in Somalia, Ethiopia, Libya, Albania, Eritrea and the Dodecanese (1912-1943). Finally, it is spoken by large Italian immigrant communities in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Germany, USA, Australia, Venezuela and other countries. Thus, today, the number of natural speakers of Italian amounts to approximately 75 million, while in addition it is spoken by 130-150 million people around the world.


Latin is the ancestor of the modern Italian language and the mother language of many European languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, , Romanian) as well as regional languages or dialects (in regions such as Catalonia, Sardinia, Galicia, Provence).

The first school of higher studies was the Medical School of Salerno (Scuola Medica Salernitana), founded before 1000 AD. and operated until 1811. In the 12th century it was the most important school in Europe, where Italians, Greeks and Arabs studied and taught the medical science of Hippocrates and Galen. The first university in the West was founded in 1088 in Bologna. The history of the Foundation is inextricably linked with the life and work of great personalities of literature and sciences. It is an unparalleled point of reference in the history of European Civilization.


Italy has always been an important study destination for Greek students, not only when education in our country still presented significant shortages in positions and academic subjects at universities, but also today because of the high quality and training of its educational institutions, which combine a high level of study with proximity to our country.


It is the language of a highly technological and industrial country (5th in the world and a member of the G7), and with a leading position worldwide in areas such as agriculture, tourism, fashion, arts.


Italy is the 7th largest economic power in the world. Its comparative advantage is industry, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises specializing in the production of high quality and design products. “Made in Italy” remains to this day a guarantee of quality and high standards.


Italy now ranks second among Greece’s main trading partners. It is the second destination country for Greek products with a share of 11.2% of all Greek exports. (source: ELSTAT).


It is the birthplace of the opera and holds a very important first place. The Italian language is a lingua franca in a very specific field: that of classical music which for centuries has united musicians and composers from all over the world.


Chranioti Educational Centers in Nea Smirni and Ilioupoli is a byword for success in foreign languages Every year our students through the organized teaching-learning processes manage to develop, and be activated and led to the top. Joining a small student-oriented group, our students ignite their ambition through healthy competition and constantly increase their effort, following the overall pace of the class and 100% succeeding in obtaining their diplomas in Italian and foreign languages in general.


Teaching Italian at CHRANIOTI Educational Centers in Nea Smirni starts from within us, passing on our knowledge and culture to the next generation. Through our exemplary teaching, we offer the necessary resources that will support our student to develop professionally and establish their position in society. We provide comprehensive and modern study programmes, constantly reviewing and enriching our bibliography, we work on a personal level and provide our students with a unique learning experience. Native Italian teachers prepare children for proper Chinese pronunciation and vocabulary learning. Italian becomes a fun and interesting exploration for children and adults.


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Learn Italian!

It is the language spoken by more than 130 million people around the world.


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